Wednesday, March 2, 2022: Writing Wednesday and Unpacking the Embedded Assessment

Due to the basketball block party this afternoon, I know some students will be out of class. Please see today’s assignment below to make sure you are on track!

1. Writing Wednesday

Prompt: (This will serve as your prewriting for the embedded assessment.)

In your opinion, what is one contemporary issue that needs to be solved either within our school, immediate community, state, or country? Why is this issue important? Provide clear reasons.

In a second paragraph, offer a possible solution for this problem. What should we do to fix this issue?

2. Unpacking Embedded Assessment #2: Writing and Presenting a Persuasive Speech

At the end of our unit, you will be writing a synthesis essay that will require you to write and present a persuasive speech on a topic of your choice.

Before we do this, you will “unpack” our embedded assessment. The purpose of this activity is to determine our end goal in order to make sure we learn the skills and tools necessary to get there. If we start with the end in mind, it’ll be easier to connect our daily lessons to our greater goal.

Please flip to the rubric on page 198 in your Springboard book. Your group will:

  • Circle the skills (verbs) and underline the knowledge (nouns) in the “proficient” category and the embedded assessment description.
  • Summarize each bullet point on the section of the rubric your group is assigned to on the “Unpacking the Embedded Assessment” graphic organizer. Please work in groups. We will come back as a class to debrief at the end.

3. USA Test Prep

If you finish early, you may complete this week’s USA Test Prep!