Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for being on your best behavior while I am out today 🙂 In lieu of Writing Wednesday today, we will have to complete the Georgia Student Health Survey. Please see below for the link and feel free to use any laptops or iPads available to you in the classroom (it will also work just fine on your phone).

Link to Georgia Health Survey:

After you complete the survey, be sure to sign off on the signature sheet from the sub indicating you have taken it. Thanks for your help! 🙂 

Once you have completed the survey and signed off indicating so, please use the rest of the class period to work on your American Dream Timelines. By the end of the class period, you should have all of your bullet points completed (3 per year). If you finish early, please feel free to use the art supplies, construction paper, and poster board on the back table to start creating the visual portion of your project. Refer to the blog post below for all requirements!

We will discuss the written portion upon my return to school on Thursday. 

**If you were absent on Tuesday, please read through the project requirements and look at some of the example projects I have saved from past years.**

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! 

The American Dream Timeline

american-immigrants-fate-is-everyonesThe American Dream: we’ve all heard of it, but is it the same for everyone? We’ll start class today by creating a working definition of the American Dream, its history, how it has changed, and barriers one may face when pursuing their Dream.

Today, you will start on your American Dream timeline project!

  1. You will create a timeline with a starting point of your current grade/age and an ending point of ten years from now. You should be between the ages of 26-27, depending on your current age. What does YOUR American Dream include? Be specific and make sure you have a place for every age (10 spots/years, 3 bullets each).
  2. What are your plans and what will you do to be successful between now and then? Please remember everyone’s idea of what the “American Dream” looks like is different. Some may include going to college, getting married and starting a family, while others may only include doing what is necessary to ensure they are financially stable.
  3. Please make sure you are considering EACH step in your journey and how what you will do in high school will lead to your American Dream. For example, if you would like to attend college, make sure that taking the SAT/ACT is on your timeline, as it is a requirement for college admission. Likewise, the ASVAB test is used for the military.
  4. Your timeline should be colorful, creative and detailed.
  5. A 3-4 paragraph response that describes what’s included your “American Dream” is mandatory. This should be an extension of your bullet points.

We will work on this in class this entire week after our warm-ups. Please make sure to take advantage of class time and work diligently. Your project with the writing component is due on Friday, January 21st at the end of class. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022: Writing Wednesday #1

Writing Wednesday: Attitudes on English

Today is our first Writing Wednesday. Each Wednesday’s class will start with a writing prompt; look below for your first one.


Please complete this assignment on your own piece of paper; each response should be a minimum of 6-8 sentences (3 paragraphs total). Refrain from “fluff sentences” such as “This is why I like English class.” If you’re stuck, provide additional details!

  1. Describe an experience that has shaped your attitude about English. This can be positive or negative, but make sure you think of a specific example.
  2. Describe a success that you have had. This can be ANY success, even if it may not seem like a big deal to someone else. Please include how you felt about it. (Does not have to be school-related.)
  3. Finally, explain what your FAVORITE thing is about English and why. Think hard; I want each of you to have at least one.

American Literary Movements Mini-Project

It’s project time! Considering how creative y’all seem to be this semester, I greatly look forward to your work on this project!

Knowledge of the American Literary movements is crucial to understanding the impact of history and society on the literature of its time. As we explore works throughout the semester, you will see commonalities in theme, philosophy, and aesthetic. American Literature is very much shaped by our country’s history.

Please refer to the handout provided in class to ensure your group includes everything required on your poster.

Welcome to Honors American Literature!

Welcome to another school year and welcome to Ms. Antonacci’s Honors American Literature course! I hope you had a restful break and enjoyed some time off. My blog will be updated frequently with what we do in class, as well as additional resources. Please be sure to bookmark this page so you can access it easily throughout the semester.

HLThEPnA few things you must do in order to set yourself up for success this semester:

  1. Visit this blog daily, especially if you miss class – getting missed work due to absences is the responsibility of the student (you)!
  2. Sign up for Remind! PLEASE! Life gets busy and we all need reminders. Download the app or text the following code (including @) to 810-10
    1. First period: @msaamlit1
    2. Fourth period: @msaamlit
  3. Come to school! Seriously. According to the Indiana Partnerships Center, missing only two days of school per month lowers both your test scores and your chances of graduating high school.
  4. One of the requirements of American Literature is to complete USA Test Prep practice activities weekly. These are due by 11:59pm EVERY Sunday and are completed OUTSIDE of school. Go ahead and put it in your iCal, planner, reminders list, whatever works for you! Follow the steps below to create a USA Test Prep account and add our class:
    1. Go to to create an account, or log in to an existing account. If you’ve created an account at Pebblebrook, I can look up your username and password.
    2. Use the information below if you’re creating a new account:
      Access ID: pebblebrook
      Student activation code: stu1223
    3. Once you have entered this information, create your personal user ID and password. Make sure you remember this information – write it down!
    4. Once you log in, click “Join a Class” (orange button on home page – NOT “Join Class Party”).
    5. Find my name: Mariko Antonacci and add yourself to your class. Make sure you’re adding the correct class period!
  5. I typically tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. We can also arrange another time if that doesn’t work for you; however, you must give me at least 24 hours notice if you plan to stay.

I look forward to a great semester of reading, writing, learning, and fun! Don’t forget – you have until Friday, January 28, 2022 to turn in your summer reading assignments. Check the PHS Summer Reading Blog for details (link on this blog).