Choosing a Topic and Crafting a Thesis

Please get out a sheet of notebook paper for today’s Writing Wednesday! 

Before delving into research, you will write an argument to support your claim. For today’s Writing Wednesday, please argue your point to someone who totally disagrees with you. Consider using ethos, pathos, and logos to prove your point, and make your reasons clear. If you have already chosen your topic or have one in mind, please use that topic. If you do not have a topic yet, please choose one of the three options below and choose a side: 

  1. Does social media negatively impact high school students’ mental health?
  2. Should high school start times be pushed to 10:30 am?
  3. Should college be free for all students?

Please make sure you provide multiple reasons to support your stance!  

Today, you will choose a topic for your persuasive speech. Make sure you choose a topic that you know a little about, as well as on a topic you are passionate about. If you’re bored writing your essay, I’ll be bored reading it! 

Today, you will complete the “K” and “W” columns of your KWL chart, write a three-point thesis, and submit your claim statement for approval (if you haven’t already).

Please click here to access directions on how to craft a three-point thesis statement. 

Click here to access the Google Form to submit your claim statement for approval.

Remember that we have an assessment tomorrow! From now until the break, please bring your laptops to school daily. 

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