Friday, October 22, 2021

Good morning and thank you for being on your best behavior while I am out today! 🙂

Please assign yourselves reading roles and continue reading Act II; yesterday, we left off at the top of page 63.

  • Since I’m not there to be stage director, we will need someone to cover for me!
  • Steven has called Ezekiel Cheever, since we didn’t get to him on Thursday.

Please use your bookmark to mark where you leave off so we can discuss on Monday when we return. You have nothing to turn in today, but you and your classmates should read all class period, as you have been doing so wonderfully. Put on a show for your sub, Ms. Isaac-Spivey! 🙂

Reading note: When Reverend Hale is questioning John and Elizabeth in their home, this is called a catechism. The denotation of catechism Is “a series of fixed questions, answers, or precepts used for instruction in other situations.” In this case, he is questioning the Christian character of their home; in other words, judging just how “Puritan” they really are.


  • AP Classroom is due by Sunday at 11:45pm!
  • Please make sure your permission forms for the field trip are completed by a parent or guardian!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and have a BLAST at Homecoming (and be safe)!

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