Rhetorical Analysis Evaluation

Welcome back from Fall Break! I hope you had some time to unplug and unwind a bit. We will be moving on from rhetorical analysis to argument and synthesis during this unit, so let’s take some time to reflect and evaluate our RA practices so far.

Today, you will need your Rachel Carson FRQ from before the break (book excerpt about parathion).

  1. Read over your rhetorical analysis. Using the Scoring Guidelines sheet, assign yourself an honest grade 1-9. In two or three sentences, explain why you have yourself that grade.
  2. In your groups, read over each of the released FRQs from past students. Grade each one using the Scoring Guidelines — you must come to a consensus as a group! On one sheet of paper, please provide a few bullet points of what the writer did well.
  3. We will review the scores as a class.
  4. Evaluate: What makes a “good” rhetorical analysis “good”? In a bullet list, please provide what makes an effective RA essay effective on this Padlet: https://padlet.com/marikoantonacci1/7jiz180dtnvve7fu

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