Early Release! Start AP Vocab

Good morning and welcome to our first early release day of the semester! Today, you will get your first set of vocabulary words. You have ten words per week, which you will get through a tactile vocabulary activity every Monday, after M.U.G. Monday. All of these vocabulary words come from the 100 most common SAT words.

Please see the directions below for this activity:

  1. Get into groups, preferably 3-4 students each.
  2. You will receive slips of paper in a Ziploc bag. Ten of these slips have vocabulary words, while the other ten have denotations.
  3. You have been provided with an example sentence for each vocabulary word. Using context clues and collaboratively within your groups, match up the definitions with their terms.
  4. Call Ms. A. over to check your work. You will only get a “yes” or “no” 🙂
  5. Once you have all terms matched up correctly, copy their denotations on the back of your sheet. Don’t forget the parts of speech!

Moving forward, you will have a vocabulary quiz every Friday over these terms. If you study just a little bit every day, you should have no problem!

Ms. A. also made it super easy for you — check out her Quizlet: www.quizlet.com/msantonacci (you’re welcome.)

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