The American Dream Timeline

Welcome to the second week of school! I hope you had a great first week back!

Today, we will start on our M.U.G. Monday log; M.U.G. stands for Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar. Every Monday, we will start class with some grammar exercises and practice. You MUST complete the warm-up; that is, every entry (sentences) must include corrections using editing marks and additional notes.

If you were absent, please be sure to get the sentences and corrections from a classmate!

american-immigrants-fate-is-everyonesThe American Dream: we’ve all heard of it, but is it the same for everyone? We’ll start class today by creating a working definition of the American Dream, its history, how it has changed, and barriers one may face when pursuing their Dream.

Today, you will start on your American Dream timeline project!

  1. You will create a timeline with a starting point of your current grade/age and an ending point of ten years from now. You should be between the ages of 26-27 depending on your current age. What does YOUR American Dream include? Be specific and make sure you have a place for every age (10 spots/years, 3 bullets each).
  2. What are your plans and what will you do to be successful between now and then? Please remember everyone’s idea of what the “American Dream” looks like is different. Some may include going to college, getting married and starting a family, while others may only include doing what is necessary to ensure they are financially stable. Please make sure you are considering EACH step in your journey. For example, if you would like to attend college, make sure that taking the SAT/ACT is on your timeline, as it is a requirement for college admission.
  3. Your timeline should be colorful, creative and detailed.
  4. A 3-4 paragraph response that describes what’s included your “American Dream” is mandatory. This should be an extension of your bullet points.

We will work on this in class today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please make sure to take advantage of class time and work diligently. Your project with the writing component is due on Thursday, August 12th at the BEGINNING of class. 

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