Words, Words, Words!


Art by Mehdi Amini

This class is all about words and the power of language. Words help us express ourselves, communicate our ideas, and achieve our purposes. They can inform us, inspire us, or even manipulate us. They have the power to incite riots, pacify uprisings, and ignite revolutions.

You will share some words that are important to you. Follow the directions below to create a brief visual presentation and be ready to share it with our class in a gallery walk. The goal is to help the class get to know you a little better through your quote.

  1. Select a quote that is important to you. It may be a famous quote or simply something important someone in your life has said to you.
  2. Paraphrase or decode the message. Explain, in your words, the message behind your chosen quote.
  3. You are new to the concept of rhetoric, but do your best to point out significant or effective diction (word choice) or syntax (sentence structure). In other words, what words are especially effective? How would the impact of the quote be lessened if it were worded or structured a different way?
  4. Explain why it is important to you. How do you use this quote in your life? How has it impacted you?
  5. Include any visuals (pictures, colors, backgrounds, etc.) that will help the class understand you and your connection to the quote more effectively.

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