Welcome to Amnesty Week!

noun: amnesty; plural noun: amnesties

  1. an undertaking by the authorities to take no action against specified offenses or offenders during a fixed period.
    • Synonyms: pardon, reprieve, mercy

This week is amnesty week. There are no new assignments this week — no warm-up log, no USATP, nothing new.

Instead, your focus for this week will be to get your overall class grade what YOU want it to be. You earn grades; Ms. Lowe and I do not give them.

If your grade is…Then shoot for…
85+At least a 94% to maintain an overall “A” and exempt the final exam
75-84At least an 84% to maintain an overall “B” and exempt the final exam
68-75At least a 74% to maintain passing and not have to do course extension
67 and belowAt least a 60% to get to course extension

**Use “Ctrl+F” (Windows) or “Command+F” (Mac) to search for your CCSD ID.

Please see the Priority Ladder below. You should be working through each step in order.

  1. Summative Assessments (Unit 1 Post Test and Unit 2 Post Test)
  2. Persuasive Speech (it is out of 120 points!)
  3. USA Test Prep Assignments
  4. Any other missing assignments throughout the semester — prioritize larger-point assignments
  5. Extra credit assignment: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Use Canva or Adobe Spark to create an e-card for your favorite teacher! Your letter must be at least one paragraph long and specific to the teacher and his or her class.

Note: Thank you to those of you who completed the EPL assignment. I haven’t forgotten to grade them — those who turned them in already will receive extra credit. No late assignments for that assignment will be accepted.

Prioritize your core classes. For some of you, you will have to decide which class(es) you need to pass in order not to get retained. If you’re sitting at all 40s or 50s, realistically, you may have to take an “L” in one class to prioritize the others.

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