Week 10: The Persuasive Speech and The Crucible

This week, we will start the week with our persuasive speech and start our reading of Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible on Friday. Please be sure you are on time and present each day! Please see below for a brief schedule of our week together:

Monday, March 141. Warm-up: M.U.G. Monday
2. Assessment: Unit 2 mid-assessment via CommonLit
Please take your “Sinners in the Hands” assessment via CommonLit.org.
3. Assignment: The Crucible Anticipation Guide
The assignment can be found in “Lesson Assignments” or on my blog below.
Tuesday, March 151. Warm-up: Lit. Term Tuesday
2. Choosing supporting evidence for your persuasive speech
3. Providing commentary
4. Brief overview of outline format (download the template below!)
Wednesday, March 16Change in Schedule — regular classes today!
1. Warm-up: Words on Wednesday (transitional words and phrases)
Download the transitional words and phrases document below.
2. Outlining your persuasive speech
Thursday, March 171. Warm-up: Test Prep Thursday
2. Mini-debate on Anticipation Guide
3. Start reading The Crucible
Friday, March 18Change in Schedule — this Friday will be an asynchronous learning day (no live classes). 
Ms. Antonacci will be holding Unit 1 Assessment make-ups on this day. 
Please use this day to get caught up on any missing work!

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