Week 7: The Power of Persuasion

This week, we will start on our next unit, The Power of Persuasion. This unit will cover rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos), devices, and techniques, and we will examine the power of language. You will have many opportunities to effectively argue and debate! Please be sure you are on time and present each day! Scroll past the calendar for downloadable files.

Please see below for a brief schedule of our week together: 

Monday, February 221. Warm-up: M.U.G. Monday
2. Notes: Argumentative Essay Structure; unpack Embedded Assessment #2
The note-taking template can be found in “Assignments” or on my blog below.
3. Click here to submit your persuasive speech topic!
Tuesday, February 231. Warm-up: Lit. Term Tuesday: Parallel Structure and Counterclaim
2. Assignment: “National Address to Schoolchildren,” President Barack Obama
The reading can be found in “Lesson Resources” or on my blog below.
3. ​Click here to watch President Obama’s speech!​​​​​​​​​
Wednesday, February 24ReWind Wednesday – please see schedule in “Class Board” on CTLS
Thursday, February 251. Warm-up: Test Prep Thursday
2. Discussion: The Danger of a Single Story
3. ​Click here for the TED Talk and a transcript of the speech.​​​​
4. Assignment: Click here for the Rhetorical Analysis Padlet.​​​
Friday, February 261. Warm-up: Free Friday! 
2. Assignment: Rhetorical Appeals Mini-Project (due by Sunday at 11:59 pm)
Please see assignment details under “assignments” or on my blog below.

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