Week 3: Different Perspectives on The American Dream

Welcome to week three! Last week, we analyzed poetry describing America from different perspectives. This week, we continue our work with poetry and practice our first RACE response. We will close the week with an analysis of non-text using the OPTIC strategy. Don’t forget that ALL students are virtual this week! Please see below for a brief schedule of our week together:

Monday, January 18

No school — Happy MLK Day!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday. January 19
  1. Lit. Term Tuesday: Imagery and Allusion
    • Please make sure to grab the warm-up log from “Assignments” in CTLS or download below!
  2. What is a RACE response?
  3. Prompt analysis and breakdown
  4. How to pull and cite text in MLA format
  5. Thesis statements and evidence
Wednesday, January 20

Don’t forget that we have shortened class on Wednesdays, starting this week!

  1. Review poetry terms
  2. Finish Hughes/Alvarez poetry compare/contrast
Thursday, January 21
  1. Test Prep Thursday
  2. Writing Workshop  
  3. RACE Response Checklist
Friday, January 22
  1. Free Friday: How are we doing so far? Padlet
  2. How do you analyze non-text?
  3. Assignment: American Dream OPTIC Analysis
    1. This assignment can be found in “Lesson Assignments” on CTLS, or below.

Click here to download the Week 2 Virtual Learning Warm-up Log!

Click here for the Figurative Language RACE Response Planning Document.

Click here for the OPTIC Graphic Organizer!


(For Friday’s Class) Political Cartoon Options (please number on your paper):


1. by Mike Luckovich



2. by Steve Greenberg



3. by Monte Wolverton



4. by David Horsey



5. by Ed Stein (hint: consider what year this cartoon was drawn)



6. by Andy Singer



7. by Mike Luckovich



8. by David Horsey

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