Week 2: American Perspectives Through Poetry

Welcome to our first full week! We will work with poetry this week, with a focus on different perspectives on America and the American Dream. Please see below for a brief schedule of our week together:

Monday, January 111. Warm-up: M.U.G. Monday (scroll past the calendar to download)
2. Sign up for USA Test Prep (scroll down for directions)
3. Assessment: Pre-course assessment in CTLS Assess
If you finish early, please complete the Student Survey and the “Attitudes on English” assignment.
Tuesday. January 121. Warm-up: Lit. Term Tuesday (Tone and Theme)
2. “What is the tone of America?” Mentimeter
3. Whitman poetry analysis: “America” and “I Hear America Singing” (scroll past the calendar to download)
4. AssignmentWhitman analysis Padlet
Wednesday, January 13Please note that Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time, tutoring, and small group learning.
Click here to sign up for a check-in and/or tutoring session with Ms. Antonacci!

“Attitudes on English” assignment due by 11:59 pm in CTLS!
Thursday, January 141. Warm-up: Test Prep Thursday
2. Compare and Contrast: “I, Too,” by Langston Hughes and “I, Too, Sing America,” by Julia Alvarez
3. Crafting theme statements and practice
Friday, January 151. Warm-up: Free Friday and How are we doing NOW? Padlet
2. Poetic Techniques Review
3. Compare and Contrast: “I, Too,” by Langston Hughes and “I, Too, Sing America,” by Julia Alvarez
4. Assignment: American Perspectives Poetry Compare and Contrast

Sign up for USA Test Prep!

Outside of class, we will have weekly enrichment activities for you to complete. Every week, you will have a USA Test Prep assignment to complete, and it will go in the gradebook as a grade!

Follow the steps below to create an account and add our class. If you know you’ve made a USA Test Prep account at Pebblebrook but don’t remember your password, Ms. Antonacci can look it up for you.

  1. Go to http://www.usatestprep.com
    • Access ID: pebblebrook (all lowercase)
    • Student activation code: stu1223 (all lowercase)
  2. Once you have entered this information, create your personal user ID and password. Make sure you remember this information – write it down!
  3. Once you log in, click “Join a Class” (orange button on home page – NOT class party!).
  4. Find my name: Mariko Antonacci and add yourself to your class. Make sure you’re adding the correct class period!
  5. Once you have been added to the class, you’re done! Your first USA Test Prep assignment will be posted on Monday, January 11th.

All USA Test Prep assignments are due by 11:59pm every Sunday. I would recommend scheduling one day (Wednesdays are a good idea!) for yourself to complete these so that you don’t get overwhelmed on Sunday night. Go ahead and put it in your iCal, planner, reminders list, whatever works for you!

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