Week 5: Start A Raisin in the Sun


It’s already week five – can you believe it?! Over the last few weeks, you all have been doing a great job analyzing poetry from different perspectives across America. This week, we will start with one more analysis of a Langston Hughes poem before diving in to Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun. As I said in class on Friday, please do your best to be on time and present each day. It is particularly difficult to read a play and get caught up by yourself. We will also be discussig a great deal, and you won’t want to miss out! 

Click here for a copy of the play.

Please see below for a brief schedule of our week together: 

Monday, September 14
  1. Review: symbolism in literature
  2. Annotate and analyze: “Harlem,” by Langston Hughes
  3. What is a SIFT Analysis?
  4. Assignment: SIFT Analysis for “Harlem”
Tuesday. September 15
  1. Review: situational, dramatic, and verbal irony
  2. Background on Lorraine Hansberry and historical context of the play
  3. Start reading A Raisin in the Sun
Wednesday, September 16 Please note that Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time, tutoring, and small group learning.


Thursday, September 17
  1. What are some of your personal values?: Ready to Order Padlet
  2. Continue reading A Raisin in the Sun
Friday, September 18
  1. Discussion: identity and heritage
  2. Ongoing Assignment: A Raisin in the Sun Character Charts
  3. Continue reading A Raisin in the Sun

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