Week 3: Solidify Theme!

Welcome to week 3! This week, our focus will be on solidifying our visual and verbal theme. We ended the week strong with some brainstorming, but we will finalize the look and feel of our book. You will also be placed in your coverage groups! Below is a brief schedule of our week together.

Monday, August 31
  1. Discuss athletics schedule and photography
  2. What’s going on this week? Plan for coverage
  3. Aplomado Google Drive access
  4. Staff intro IG posts and sales posts – get your friends to follow us!
  5. Coverage teams
  6. Solidify verbal theme and spinoffs
Tuesday, September 1
  1. Solidify visual theme: choose colors and fonts
  2. Create senior ad designs
Wednesday, September 2 Please note that Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time, tutoring, and small group learning.

  1. Start eDesign training (new staff members)
  2. Start gathering content for first week spread (Sheyla and Jenne)
Thursday, September 3
  1. Continue building 2021 ladder
Friday, September 4
  1. Finish building 2021 ladder
  2. Start working on cover ideas
  3. Positivity Padlet

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