Welcome to Yearbook!


Welcome to the yerd life! You all know me by now, but my name is Ms. Antonacci (or Ms. A.) and I will be your yearbook adviser this year. Below is a brief schedule for our first week together. This will be my fourth yearbook at Pebblebrook and I can’t wait to see what you all create this year!

Monday, August 17
  1. Welcome to Yearbook!
  2. Meet the Teacher
  3. Survey: How are you doing?
  4. Staff Interviews
  5. Discuss athletics schedule and photography
  6. What is a yearbook?
Tuesday. August 18
  1. Rules and expectations for the virtual classroom
  2. Welcome video and presentation
  3. Yearbook Q&A
  4. Yearbook Basics
  5. What is theme?
Wednesday, August 19 Please note that Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time, tutoring, and small group learning.

  1. How do I sign up for a meeting or tutoring with my teacher?
Thursday, August 20
  1. How to navigate the system and submit an assignment
  2. Theme development brainstorm
  3. Assignment: Submit/upload staff agreement
  4. Homework: submit selfie to Ms. A. for press badge
Friday, August 21
  1. How to use Padlet
  2. Finalize visual and verbal theme
  3. How are you doing now?
  4. Positivity Padlet

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