Welcome to our Virtual School Year!

Welcome to another school year and welcome to Ms. Antonacci’s American Literature course! Things will certainly look and feel very different this year, but I look forward to having you in my class! My blog will be updated daily with what we do in class, as well as additional resources. Please be sure to bookmark this page so you can access it easily throughout the semester.

HLThEPnA few things you must do in order to set yourself up for success this semester:

  1. Visit CTLS Learn and this blog daily, especially if you miss class – getting missed work due to absences is the responsibility of the student (you)!
  2. Sign up for Remind! PLEASE! Life gets busy and we all need reminders. Download the app or text the following code (including @) to 810-10
    1. First period: @msaamlit1
    2. Fourth period: @msaamlit
  3. Come to school! Seriously. According to the Indiana Partnerships Center, missing only two days of school per month lowers both your test scores and your chances of graduating high school. In a virtual setting, this is even more important. We have A LOT to make up for since March!

Below is a brief schedule for our first week together.

Monday, August 17
  1. Welcome to American Literature!
  2. Meet the Teacher
  3. Survey: How are you doing?
  4. Student survey
Tuesday. August 18
  1. Rules and expectations for the virtual classroom
  2. Welcome video and presentation
  3. American Literature Q&A
  4. Create your own welcome video!
Wednesday, August 19 Please note that Wednesdays are reserved for independent work time, tutoring, and small group learning.

  1. How do I sign up for a meeting or tutoring with my teacher?
Thursday, August 20
  1. How to navigate the system and submit an assignment
  2. Assignment: Attitudes on English
  3. Student welcome video share-outs
Friday, August 21
  1. How to use Padlet
  2. How are you doing now?
  3. Positivity Padle


I look forward to a great semester of reading, writing, learning, and fun! Don’t forget – you have until Friday, October 2nd to turn in your summer reading assignments. Check the PHS website for details.

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