May 4 – May 17, 2020: Final Quarantine Soundtrack Project

I can’t believe it – we’re very quickly nearing the end of our semester! For the next two weeks, you will be working on a Final Quarantine Soundtrack Project. Please note that this is the last major grade that can go in the gradebook, so please be sure to complete this project! It will be counted as a test grade, so it will help your grade greatly if you work hard and do this well!

Please review all directions thoroughly, as there are a few parts and options to this project! 


  • Choose ONE of the following options as you build a soundtrack that describes your experience of this unique semester at Pebblebrook High School.
  • A minimum of five songs are required, and the lyrics to each will be copied faithfully (this means no editing) and the artist will be credited.
  • An analysis and explanation for each song will describe how the song relates to your thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc. (One complete, 6-8 sentence paragraph per song.)
  • Annotations – Using Google Docs, provide annotations for your lyrics. To do this, highlight the area of text you want to annotate, then click the “+” button to add a comment. Alternatively, you can also click “Insert > Comment.” A minimum of five solid and thoughtful annotations are required for each song.
  • Album Cover Art – Use or Adobe Spark to create your own unique cover art for an album that would contain your chosen songs.  Remember our discussions of imagery and symbolism when creating your album cover. For the purpose of your album, please create an artist and album name for yourself. (Pretend like you are putting out this album. You may choose to create a “stage name” if you’d like.)

Project Options:

Option 1: Jamming in Room 1007When choosing this option, consider our brief time as a traditional class.  Consider the mood, content, and feeling of being in this class, in addition to the content we covered.

Option 2: Rocking the PandemicWhen choosing this option, consider how your life has changed during the current pandemic.  Consider your experiences with remote learning, as well as your own day-to-day experiences, feelings, and thoughts.

Option 3: Spitting Mad IdeasWhen choosing this option, consider your favorite ideas explored in this course, as well as your favorite activities and texts.  Consider how your lyrics relate to and express these ideas.

Additional notes and reminders:

  • Of course, please be mindful about the songs you choose. You are analyzing poetry, so be sure to choose songs with lyrical depth (no mumble rap about money and drugs).
  • If you would like to do more than five songs, you are welcome. If you have a song you wrote yourself, you may include it.
  • This is not due until May 17, as I want to give you ample time to give me quality work. Again, this is our FINAL grade, so please treat this like a final exam project.
  • As always, plagiarism will earn you a 0. This includes annotations on Genius.
  • Your completed project must have (please arrange in this order on ONE Google Doc for submission):
    1. Cover page with your name, class period, and original album cover art
    2. Lyrics of song 1, with annotations (cite where you got the lyrics from)
    3. An analysis and explanation for song 1 (1 full paragraph)
    4. Lyrics of song 2, with annotations (cite where you got the lyrics from)
    5. An analysis and explanation for song 2 (1 full paragraph)
    6. Lyrics of song 3, with annotations (cite where you got the lyrics from)
    7. An analysis and explanation for song 3 (1 full paragraph)
    8. Lyrics of song 4, with annotations (cite where you got the lyrics from)
    9. An analysis and explanation for song 4 (1 full paragraph)
    10. Lyrics of song 5, with annotations (cite where you got the lyrics from)
    11. An analysis and explanation for song 5 (1 full paragraph)
    12. Works Cited page with all five songs cited in MLA format

Please click here to submit your project by May 17th.

I hope you all enjoy this project! As always, please know that I am here for you for anything. If you can make it up to the school on May 7 (Thursday), I’ll be there all day and would love to see you! Please shoot me a message on Remind if you are planning on going 🙂

I miss you all so much. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for anything.

Until next time,

Ms. Antonacci ❤

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