Week of April 27, 2020: Final Drafts, Works Cited, and Submission of Speech

Good morning and welcome to another week of digital learning! Thank you to all of you who are still sticking with me and getting work completed. The more you do now, the less you will have to catch up on when school starts back up again.

Some housekeeping info:

  1. If you have not signed up for electives yet, please do so ASAP! I have sent out directions via Remind, but you can visit the Pebblebrook website to complete the form.
  2. Moving forward, I will update grades on Fridays. If you are submitting work from previous weeks, please follow up with an e-mail so I can make sure to go back and enter that assignment for you. 
  3. On Thursday, May 7th at 11 am, all juniors will be allowed to drive or ride up to the school to drop off any textbooks, library books, or other school materials. You will not be allowed out of your cars, but I would love to see your faces if you can make it! 🙂

Thing to do This week #1: Revise and Edit

This week, you will be revising and editing your final draft for submission. I know I originally said that we would do peer editing; however, I have only received seven submissions so far. If you would like to reach out to your friends who have turned in their drafts, I encourage you to peer edit each other’s papers. These students are:

  • Christian M.
  • Sophie D.
  • Sheyla R.
  • Nini I.
  • Tana B.
  • Danny S.
  • Niya S.

However, you may revise and edit on your own if you wish. Please utilize online tools such as Grammarly and EasyBib to make your life a bit easier.

***Before submitting your final draft, please make sure to review the rubric (click here) to ensure you have all necessary requirements, including rhetorical appeals, devices, and couterclaims. 

Thing to do This week #2: Works Cited

Please read the instructions below thoroughly to ensure you know how to complete a Works Cited!

Are ALL of your appeals to logic and credibility (ethos and logos) cited in your paper with quotation marks and parenthetical citations? If not, this is priority #1! CITE YOUR SOURCES! Sources and information that is not properly cited is considered PLAGIARISM and will earn you a big fat zero. Plus, Ms. A. will show you NO chill.

Now that you’ve finished up your rough drafts and included parenthetical citations for ALL of your sources, it’s time to move on to the Works Cited page. Your Works Cited will list all of the sources you have included in your essay.

Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Works Cited page!

(Please note that you will have to download the video to your computer to watch it. It is quite long, so it may take a minute to load.)

Or, follow the written steps below to create a Works Cited page, which will be the last page of your essay.

  1. When you’re at the end of your essay, hit “enter/return” until you hit a fresh, new page. At the top of that new page, center-align the title, “Works Cited.” Be sure to capitalize the “W” and the “C”!
  2. Hit “enter/return” one more time and left-align your cursor. (Your cursor is the blinking line that shows up as you type.)
  3. Open up all three (or more) of your sources in separate tabs in a browser. (It’s 2018, quit using Internet Explorer.)
  4. In another tab, open up www.easybib.com. EasyBib is an excellent citation generator you should use for ALL of your essays!
  5. Copy and paste the URL of your first source into EasyBib. Make sure you’re using the “Website” tab.
  6. Click “Cite it.”
  7. On the next page, you may have one or more options of citations to use. Choose the article name that fits yours, and click “Cite this.”
  8. Click “Continue to the final step.”
  9. Now here’s where it can get a little tricky. You’ll have to use your detective skills here, because websites are all formatted differently. First, make sure every word, other than words like “the,” “a,” “an,” “and,” “be,” etc. are capitalized. For example, “Why teachers’ salaries should be doubled – now” needs to be edited as, “Why Teachers’ Salaries Should be Doubled – Now”
  10. Under “Contributors,” include the first and last names of ALL authors listed on the website. The author’s name (or byline, as it’s called in journalism) is typically immediately below the headline, or title of the article.
  11. Include the website title. Again, be sure all major words are capitalized (for example, The Washington Post).
  12. You can leave the publisher/sponsor blank, if it’s not already filled in.
  13. Include the FULL URL.
  14. “Electronically published” is the date that the article was published online. You can typically find this in the byline by the author’s name. If there is no date, use the copyright year, which is typically found at the very, very bottom of the website.
  15. Click “Create Citation.” Hooray! Your first citation is done!
  16. Follow steps 5-15 above for each source. Make sure you’re using the same window on EasyBib, as it will automatically save all of your citations in one place, which is what you want!
  17. Once all of your sources are in one place, copy and paste the entire Works Cited into the page you titled “Works Cited.” Make sure your sources are all in alphabetical order by the first word in the source.
  18. Next, you will have to create a hanging indent. In Google Docs, make sure you have the ruler view on. If you see numbers at the top, the ruler is on. If you don’t, go to “View” > “Show ruler.”
  19. Highlight your ENTIRE Works Cited, with the exception of the words “Works Cited.”
  20. In the ruler, you will see a rectangle and a triangle. Move both over to the right to 0.5.
  21. Selecting ONLY the top rectangle, move the rectangle to the left, back to 0.0. Click here to see it in action!
  22. You’re all done! 🙂

Thing to Do this Week #3: Record Your Speech

Remember that this assignment is “Writing and Presenting a Persuasive Speech.” Using your phone or laptop, you will record yourself delivering your speech. Although you should pay attention to your inflection, tone, and speed of delivery, you do NOT have to memorize it! However, please note that having your head down to read a speech the entire time will not earn you an “A”. Consider your intended audience and purpose. We have viewed and listened to a few speeches in class, but it would be worth your time to view a few TED Talks or similar videos on YouTube to get an idea of what an effective speech looks like. You will upload your video with your final draft.

So What do I need to turn in this week?

  1. Submit your final draft and speech video here.

And that’s it! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any help! I know MLA in particular can be a bit tricky, especialy when we’re not in class together. I’m only a Remind message or email away! Stay safe and be well.

Until next time,

Ms. Antonacci ❤

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