Week of March 30, 2020: Rhetoric in Media and Speech Research

Welcome to week three of our new normal! Thank you so much to those of you who joined our Google Hangouts this past Friday; it was great to see all of your faces and have a chance to chat! If you missed it or slept in that day, no biggie – I have decided to continue these Hangouts every Friday at 12 noon. Please be on the lookout for Remind messages to sign up for the next one! This is just a chance for us to get together and do just that — hang out!


You’ll be doing headstands like this in no time! ūüôā

Also coming up is our first guided yoga and meditation class! I am SO EXCITED to share my love of yoga and mindful practices with you all. I will send out invite links to those who have RSVPed, but please shoot me a Remind message or email if you’d like to be added to the list. I will hold these on Wednesdays at 1 pm via Google Hangouts.¬†

Each session will start with some mindfulness tips, move on to some beginner yoga asanas (poses/postures) and a slow yoga flow, then end with a section on mindfulness and guided meditation. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before, that’s totally fine! We’d love to have you ūüôā

What do I need for the first yoga class?

  • A yoga mat, if you have one. If not, you can use a towel, woven blanket, or a rug. If you have carpet in your house, that should provide enough padding; however, if you have hardwood, vinyl, or other hard flooring, I’d recommend something in between (save your knees!).
  • Comfortable, form-fitting clothing. You don’t want your T-shirt falling over your face during downward facing dog. No socks!
  • If possible, a quiet space without distractions.
  • An open mind and a grateful heart!

Okay, so on to the school stuff! 

Thing to Do This Week #1: Research!

This week, you will be completing research for your persuasive speech. If you have yet to turn in your claim statement and reasons, please do so ASAP so I can provide feedback. If you’ve submitted one and haven’t checked your feedback yet, please do so! The links can be found in my blog post from last week.

Last week, you should have completed your KWL chart. I said you would be completing your “L” column this week, but¬†just kidding (cue Niy’s giggles)!¬†Instead, you will use the graphic organizer below to organize your research.

Why? This one will be much easier for you to keep track of your sources¬†by each body paragraph (reason). This way, when you go back to complete your outline, all of your sources are already organized into paragraphs. I promise you will thank me for this later ūüôā

Please click here to access my Google Slides presentation on credible sources. (Do this first!)

Please click here to access the research graphic organizer.

  1. Go to File > Make a copy
  2. Save it to your drive, then edit on top.
  3. ***BE SURE TO SAVE FULL URLS FOR YOUR WORKS CITED!** Copy and paste the ENTIRE address bar (not just the main website) onto your graphic organizer. You will need this later!
  4. Once you’re done, scroll down for the submission link!

Thing to Do This Week #2: Rhetoric in Media

For this assignment, you will choose a documentary or movie to analyze rhetoric and the art of persuasion. Your purpose is to provide a way of understanding how the film persuades its audience. Because of this, I highly recommend choosing a documentary or documentary series. Please read the information below thoroughly so you can understand the entire assignment.

  1. Choose a documentary or film. I have a list provided (click here for suggested titles), but you may choose something else if you want. However, there MUST be an element of persuasion at play, meaning there has to be character(s) trying to convince others of something.  This will be evident in most visual texts.
  2. Introduce the film and view the film, analyzing its use of rhetoric and persuasion.  What is it arguing and how effective is it?
  3. Then, complete the OPTIC graphic organizer analyzing the film or documentary for specific use of rhetorical appeals and effectiveness of persuasion. Click here to access the OPTIC Google Form, along with guiding questions.  
  4. Conclude by making a judgment about the film‚Äôs rhetorical effectiveness.¬† This should be completed in the ‚ÄúConclusion‚ÄĚ portion of the graphic organizer.
  5. Review your details.  You should be citing evidence from the documentary or film to address its effectiveness in regards to persuasion.  Your evidence should be specific and use complete sentences.

*To clarify, you will record all of your responses on the Google Forms submission link above. 

*Note: Most of these documentaries are available on Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime.  Please choose one that does not require you to pay anything as I would not want you to be required to pay anything to complete this assignment.  Also, please read a description of the plot and/or pay attention to the rating as some material may be a trigger or too mature in content for you and I would not want you to deal with any unnecessary stressors or feelings of uncomfortableness for completion of this assignment. 

What do I need to turn in by this Sunday?

  1. Submit KWL chart (only K and W need to be completed) AND research graphic organizer here. 
  2.  Submit the OPTIC for the documentary/film rhetoric assignment (link above).
  3. Complete this week’s USA Test Prep! Y’all had a break last week, but we’re back at it ūüôā

As always, reach out if you need anything! I am available 24/7 via Remind and email. I look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday and/or Friday! ūüôā¬†

Stay safe and be well,

Ms. Antonacci ‚̧

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