Friday, March 13, 2020: President Obama’s National Address to Schoolchildren

As you know, we will be out of school “until further notice.” However, this is NOT a break! We will continue with instruction as usual, which will be delivered via my blog. Please make sure to visit this website daily to stay up with your work over this time. I will be available to you during the ELA “office hours,” which are from 1-2 pm. However, I will answer any questions you may have via Remind or email before 1 pm as well! More information will be given in class today.

obamas-speech-on-importance-of-educationToday, we will analyze President Obama’s National Address to Schoolchildren, annotating for rhetorical style. Please review your notes from yesterday regarding rhetorical style — not only do we need to look for instances of ethos, pathos, logos, and rhetorical devices, we also need to answer the “WHY” and the effect of each rhetorical strategy.

When analyzing for rhetorical style and effectiveness, remember to first consider the author’s purpose and intended audience! Everything in your analysis must tie back to purpose and audience.

Please click here to view President Obama’s speech!

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