Wednesday, March 11, 2020: “Speech to the Virginia Convention” Competition!

Today is early release! Today, we will continue our work with Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the Virginia Convention.” Remember that when we analyze rhetoric, we must always consider the intended audience and the author’s purpose!

Let’s do some surface analysis…

What is Patrick Henry’s purpose for this speech?

  • How did Henry use ethos? Why was it effective?
  • How did Henry use pathos? Why was it effective?
  • How did Henry use logos? Why was it effective?
    • Tie it all back to the PURPOSE!

The COMPETITION! trophy-brainstorm-3-copy-1024x760

You will complete the comprehension and analysis questions in groups. Each group is assigned a color, which corresponds to the color of your questions.

  1. Please assign someone to be the scribe for your group; this person will have the sheet of notebook paper. Also assign someone to be the “runner” who will be in charge of checking the answers.
  2. Everyone will start with question #1. Answer the first question and have your scribe write it down. The runner will then check with Ms. Antonacci or Ms. Lowe to see if they got the correct answer.
  3. If you get the answer correct, Ms. Antonacci or Ms. Lowe will give you a puzzle piece, along with the next question.
  4. Keep moving until your group answers all of the questions correctly. The first group to complete their puzzle wins!
  5. The winning group will receive extra credit on this assignment! 🙂

Some things to keep in mind…

  • Make sure to collaborate! Listen to others’ ideas and responses before coming to a group consensus on an answer.
  • All of your questions are the same and in the same order, so be careful when collaborating – you don’t want to give your answers away!
  • Runners will power walk – please don’t run and disturb Ms. McGuire’s class below us!

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