Week of February 3, 2020: The Other Wes Moore

This week, we will continue our reading of The Other Wes Moore. As always, please don’t forget about our warm-ups, namely M.U.G. Monday and Lit Term Tuesday. If you’re absent, be sure to get the notes from a friend!

Below is our tentative reading schedule for this week:

  • Monday: read through chapter 2 and discuss
  • Tuesday: read through chapter 3 and discuss (end of section 1)
  • Wednesday: quiz over section 1 of the novel; start chapter 4
  • Thursday: read through chapter 4 and discuss
  • Friday: due to the Black History Month program, first period will have to do some reading over the weekend. Fourth period will read through chapter 5 and discuss.

Make sure you’re keeping up with your timelines and tracing themes throughout the novel. As we read through the novel, you will trace TWO themes throughout both characters’ stories. Choose a focus SUBJECT (NOT theme!) below to follow throughout the novel. As you read, consider the overarching theme and their development throughout the stories of each Wes Moore. 

Possible subjects: 

  • Identity
  • Personal Values
  • Decision Making
  • Loss, Faith, and Redemption
  • Peer, Parent, and Community Support
  • Goals
  • Discipline and Violence

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