Friday, January 31, 2020: Ready to Order and continue The Other Wes Moore

gettyimages-537342688-609x419-1For our warm-up today, you will complete an activity called “Ready to Order” in groups. Your group will be given twelve traits, habits, and characteristics that highly successful people have.

  1. You will rank each trait from most to least important for one’s success in descending order. Your group MUST come to a consensus and agree on the ranking of each trait.
  2. Once you are done ranking, your group will provide rationale (justification of thinking) for the ranks you chose. In your justifications, be sure to include why that trait is more important than the one(s) that you ranked lower.

Be prepared to share out and discuss!

After our discussion, we will continue our reading of The Other Wes Moore. You will have the choice to read independently, in small groups, or with the class. Don’t forget to continue filling out your timeline and notes!

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