Thursday, January 23, 2020: Pre-course Assessment

Today, we will be taking our course pre-assessment. The purpose of this assessment is for me to recognize the class’s strengths and weaknesses so I can teach more effectively throughout the semester. This will ensure that we don’t waste time on concepts you’ve already mastered and work on what you will need in order to best prepare for the EOC at the end of the semester.

With that said, please take this assessment seriously. Although it is not necessarily for a grade, this is an opportunity for you to show me what you already know!

Please click here to log in to your assessment!

Student ID: CCSD ID (Lunch #)

Client ID: gacobb

Once you are done…

(please do these in order)

  1. Finish your acrostic poem from yesterday (final draft – make it pretty!)
  2. Complete this week’s USA Test Prep assignment
  3. Start working on The Other Wes Moore anticipation guide

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