American Dream Timeline: Written Component

As you wrap up your American Dream Timeline projects over the long weekend, please refer to the examples below to help you complete the writing component! Your written component should be 3-4 complete paragraphs that serve as an extension and connection of your bullet points. Be sure to include each bullet point in your explanation and separate paragraphs for different points in your life. Although the examples below only cover three years, yours must encompass all ten years on your project. 

Example 1: Going to college

  • Example bullet points:
    • 17:
      • Take the ACT and SAT
      • Start researching colleges
      • Find out more about FAFSA and financial aid
    • 18:
      • Graduate!
      • Buy a used car
      • Move into a college dorm
    • 19:
      • Save money for apartment
      • Move into an apartment off campus
      • Finish my freshman year with at least a 3.5 GPA

While I am a junior in high school, I will take my ACTs and SATs to include in my college application. I will do some research on colleges to find out what the best fit is for me, as I am looking for a school with a large population and in a metropolitan or urban area. I will also do additional research on the FAFSA and financial aid so I can make sure I am financially ready for college. At 18, I will finally graduate and would like to move into a dorm with a roommate to get the full college experience. Lastly, I will buy a used car so I can start saving some money to get my own apartment at 19.

Example 2: Entering the workforce

  • Example bullet points:
    • 17:
      • Take the ASVAB
      • Start saving money to move out
      • Buy a used car
    • 18:
      • Graduate!
      • Research training programs at Chattahoochee Tech and/or the military
      • Move into an apartment or small house to rent
    • 19:
      • Travel to New York to visit extended family
      • Attend a job fair
      • Find a job that pays at least $15/hour

While I am a junior in high school, I will take the ASVAB so I can assess my skills before entering the workforce. I can also enter the military upon graduation, or I can use my test score to enter a training program at Chattahoochee Tech. I would like to keep working at Hollister so I can save money to move out and buy a used car. Buying a used car will allow me to save more money for a down payment on an apartment or small house to rent; this will give me a sense of independence and freedom when I move out the next year. At 18 years old, I will graduate from high school and research some training programs at Chattahoochee Tech, as well as the military as a back-up plan. At 19, I would like to travel to Staten Island, New York, where most of my extended family lives, as I have not seen them in a few years. I will also attend a job fair to see what options are available for me that I did not even know about. Lastly, after attending the job fair and researching options, I will find a job that pays at least $15 an hour to help me live comfortably.

Please note that your ENTIRE project is due at the START of class on Tuesday, January 21st! 

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