Friday, November 22, 2019: EOC Trashketball Review

Happy Friday before break! It’s Trashketball Review time! Please put yourselves into groups of 4-6 and sit with your teams for our last-minute EOC Prep.

Thanksgiving Break Information:

Quizlet: Please use my Quizlet set to help you study for the EOC! Click here to access the study set.

Answers to the study guide: Please click here to access the American Literature EOC Study Guide. Skip to page 79 for answers and explanations from the Philip K. Dick reading from class today.

USA Test Prep Extra Credit: If you took one or both of the practice EOC assignments, I have assigned three practices for you to complete over the break for extra credit. This is HIGHLY recommended, as these are your individual weakness areas. 

USA Test Prep Amnesty: Every USA Test Prep assignment from this semester has been opened for you to retake or complete. However, your grade will NOT be changed unless you submit a Google Form. You must submit a Google Form for EACH assignment that you re-take or complete in the first place. Click here to access the USA TP Grade Change Request Google Form.

Since this is an amnesty assignment, late assignments will NOT be accepted. All amnesty assignments are due by midnight on Sunday, December 1st. 

thanksgiving2I hope you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving break! Enjoy some time with the ones you love 🙂 

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