Tuesday, November 19, 2019: “I Went From Prison to Professor,” Dr. Stanley Andrisse

It’s Tuesday, so we’re starting with Lit Term Tuesday! Please grab your warm-up log from yesterday and complete the review questions on the bottom of the sheet.

cohl-photo1-2_origToday, we will read “I Went From Prison to Professor” by Dr. Stanley Andrisse. The theme of how incarceration affects higher education will be evident in our reading of The Other Wes Moore after the EOC.

Let me remind you that there are THREE school days until the EOC! Make sure you are on time and present to class each day, as we will be doing lots of practice to prepare.

Check out Dr. Andrisse’s story here!

A Second Chance for Inmates

Discussion Questions from CommonLit: 

  1. In the text, the author discusses how he was likely not accepted to several graduate programs because of his incarcerated status. Do you think this is fair? Do you think a person’s criminal record should have any impact on their consideration for academic programs? Why or why not?
  2. In the text, the author discusses how an education can improve a previously incarcerated person’s income and diminish the likelihood that they’ll reoffend. What other useful skills do you think an education provides previously incarcerated people? How might academic classes help formerly incarcerated people transition to life outside of prison?
  3. How do inmates and previously incarcerated people face more obstacles than other citizens when pursuing an education? Do you agree with the author’s suggestions for how to improve incarcerated people’s access to education? What else do you think could be done?

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