Group Body Paragraphs

Good morning (afternoon to my 4th)! Please get out your body paragraphs from yesterday.

You will have ten minutes to put the final touches on your body paragraphs. After the ten minutes, trade your paper with another group. You will:

  1. Underline the topic sentence and jot down what you think the topic of the body paragraph is based on the first sentence.
  2. Highlight ALL pieces of text evidence in one color.
  3. In another color, highlight the analysis present.
  4. Does the concluding sentence tie back to the purpose of Carson’s essay? If so, give them a smiley face! If not, write “Tie back to purpose” at the bottom of their paragraph.
  5. Return your edits to the group.
  6. Your group will have five minutes to make any necessary edits.
  7. Submit to Ms. A.!

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