Amended Reading Schedule for The Scarlet Letter

It’s going to be a crazy week! Because of PSAT/ACT testing, class meetings, performances, and pep rallies, the reading schedule and writing log dates for The Scarlet Letter have been amended. Please see the schedule below and remember that I can take up your writing at any time! Please also note that the schedule reflects your homework for the night.

  • Monday, 10/8
    • Chapter 9 (writing assignment encompasses chapters 9 and 10)
  • Tuesday, 10/9
    • Chapter 10: What do you think about Chillingsworth?
  • Wednesday, 10/10
    • Your brain will be dead from testing all day – enjoy a break 🙂
  • Thursday, 10/11
    • Chapter 11: Do a little research on the Puritan ethic. What can you infer from what the narrator says? How does the narrator feel toward Puritans? What is revealed of Dimmesdale?
  • Friday, 10/12 and over the weekend (writing assignment due on Monday)
    • Chapter 12: The light. Discuss ambiguity in this chapter.
    • Chapter 13: Change in the town’s attitude. What does the letter A now represent?

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