Rhetorical Appeals Magazine Mini-Project

Today, we will (finally!) finish our rhetorical appeals in magazines mini-project. This project requires you to find at least ten examples of specific rhetorical appeals (don’t forget ethos, pathos, and logos!). Please be sure that each of your examples includes an explanation (2-4 sentences each) of exactly how that advertisement reflects a specific rhetorical appeal.

Here’s an example:


This advertisement from the Montana Meth Project effectively uses an appeal to fear. The ad states that “meth won’t make it easier to hook up” and shows a young man covered in sores and blisters, typical of methamphetamine users. The appeal to fear is evidenced by both the text and the image, as the audience would be fearful of both not “hook[ing] up” with anyone and of what their face can look like if they decide to use meth.

Please double-check all of your responses before submitting your mini-project!

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